Saturday, May 25, 2024

Why I Am Not Blogging From the Libertarian National Convention ...

 ... except for this brief post, if I can get it up.

  1. Wifi is terrible in the convention hall and not really that great in my room.
  2. I did get seated as a delegate, despite multiple challenges. I'm with the Oklahoma delegation, and they are great folks. But this means that I am actually doing delegate stuff, which is actually work.
  3. I'm on a small-screen laptop and my age/vision are making it more and more difficult to use such a thing for very long without eye strain, etc.
Briefly, things are not going especially well. The current Republican "infiltrate and neuter" PAC regime was not entirely successful in its attempts to rig the convention by excluding everyone who doesn't support them and packing friendly delegations with friendly delegates, but they were successful enough to eke out a win for failed/incompetent/corrupt chair Angela McArdle. I think they may be less successful with other officers/LNC seats, but it's also clear that they've got additional tricks up their sleeves and at this time the Libertarian attempts to re-take the party and save it from final collapse will be partial/provisional at best.

I thought about attending the Trump campaign rally just because I've never seen a current or former president in person, but I am tired, cranky, and in no mood to stand in a long line and get felt up by the Secret Service just to spend a bunch of time in a room likely to be at least half-filled with MAGAts.

I've left the hotel grounds a grand total of one time so far, grabbing lunch at a nearby restaurant today. Still hoping to get out to Arlington National Cemetery, etc., but if I do it is probably a bad sign (a sine die adjournment of the convention before the rest of a new LNC gets elected, so that the "infiltrate and neuter" folks can just appoint their cronies to vacancies instead of having to win elections).

Guess we'll see how it all turns out. I may try to blog more later, but it may have to wait until I get home.

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