Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Necessary ...

... because I'm having a Wordpress image upload problem.

Update: I was finally able to upload the pic to my web host instead of hot-linking it from here. That's me, wearing my delegate button, with the "Oklahoma" delegation sign behind me. I decided to use it as the photo in my latest Garrison Center column.

True story: At the end of the first day of the convention, I got to my room and one button was missing from my collection. Guess which one? I transferred my buttons to my lanyard (so I didn't have to move them every time I changed clothes), and added a bunch, especially darkly colored ones. Nobody tried to inspect me for a button, ever. And having a button, the opinion of some notwithstanding, was not a requirement to be a delegate. I was properly registered, properly credentialed, and properly seated (with a kick-ass delegation, Oklahoma's).

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