Wednesday, November 09, 2022

Week 10 NFL Picks

Well, I finally had a decent week with Week 9 -- ten correct picks from 13 games, for a positive score of 87.1 points and moving up to performing better than 28% of players in FiveThirtyEight's NFL Forecasting Game. I don't think very many people expected the Jets to beat the Bills or the Lions to beat the Packers (two of the picks I blew; the third was that I had the Rams picked to upset the Buccaneers).

Week 10 Picks:

Atlanta Falcons beat Carolina Panthers -- 59%
Seattle Seahawks beat Tampa Bay Buccaneers -- 53%*
Miami Dolphins beat Cleveland Browns -- 79%
Tennessee Titans beat Denver Broncos -- 91%
Chicago Bears beat Detroit Lions -- 53%
New York Giants beat Houston Texans -- 91%
Kansas City Chiefs beat Jacksonville Jaguars -- 100%
NO PICK FOR Minnesota Vikings vs. Buffalo Bills**
Pittsburgh Steelers beat New Orleans Saints -- 59%
Las Vegas Raiders beat Indianapolis Colts -- 71%
Los Angeles Rams beat Arizona Cardinals -- 71%
Dallas Cowboys beat Green Bay Packers-- 61%
Los Angeles Chargers beat San Francisco 49ers -- 53%*
Philadelphia Eagles beat Washington Commanders -- 100%

A single asterisk identifies games where my prediction disagrees with the FiveThirtyEight model's prediction.

The double asterisk "NO PICK" could -- in fact, probably will -- change. The Bills' quarterback, Josh Allen, may be out with an elbow injury, in which case the Vikings probably have a real shot. If he's good to go, I'll pick the Bills. Check back later in the week if you're that interest. For now, I just left that game 50/50, which means I'd neither lose nor gain any points on the outcome.

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