Tuesday, November 29, 2022

There's No "Cryptocurrency Bubble." There's a "Custodial and/or Government-Regulated Businesses That Are Involved in Cryptocurrency" Bubble

Following the collapse of FTX, which was either a gigantic scam, a gigantic pile of amateur hour, or a mix of both, several other cryptocurrency-related businesses are shutting down, filing bankruptcy, etc.

While that's bound to affect cryptocurrency prices, I don't see it as indicating any kind of problem with the fundamentals of cryptocurrency.

When you hand your crypto, or control of your crypto, over to someone else, what they do with it -- stupidly, criminally, or because they're trying to operate in the government-regulated sector of the market (but I repeat myself) -- is not in and of itself a problem with cryptocurrency. It's a problem with 1) your judgment and 2) their judgment and/or morals. If you had handed the same people gold or fiat, the same things would have happened.

Good crypto, kept in your own non-custodial wallet, is still good crypto. The "store of value" hit it's taking at the moment is indeed a bubble busting. That bubble was caused by too many people entrusting too much crypto to fundamentally untrustworthy people and institutions.

I'm still bullish on sound cryptocurrency. That doesn't mean all coins or tokens, but it does mean quite a few.

If you're not bullish on cryptocurrency anymore, there are addresses in the sidebar so that you can send it to me and not have to worry about it ever again.

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