Friday, January 27, 2012

Yes, a Recipe

I just got roped in by one of those "chain letter" things -- send the person at the top of the list a recipe, any recipe, then hit up a bunch of your friends to do the same thing. Since I just inflicted the request on 20 people, I figure I should share the recipe with more than just one.

As most KN@PPSTER readers probably know, I'm a fan of great barbecue. By definition, great barbecue is of the variety produced between Memphis, Tennessee (e.g. Corky's)  to the east, Hot Springs, Arkansas (e.g. McLard's) to the west, and Springfield, Missouri (e.g. Crosstown) to the north.

Anyway, for when I can't go out for barbecue, and when the weather's not conducive to eight hours or so of tending my brick in-ground pit outdoors, I've discovered a crockpot/slow cooker recipe that produces quite good smoky pulled pork for sammiches. I've messed with it through trial and error for some time, modifying ideas I found on the Internet, and here's the final recipe:


A rolled/tied pork loin roast
1 cup apple juice
1/2 cup water
1 cup brown sugar
1 cap full of hickory-flavored "liquid smoke"
Your favorite barbecue sauce

Place the roast in your crockpot or slow cooker. Pour the apple juice and water over it, so that the surface of the pork is wet. Dump the brown sugar on top of the roast and spread/pack it over the surface of the roast with a spatula or your (clean!) hands. Pour the liquid smoke into the liquid in the bottom of the pot (NOT directly on the roast).

Cook the roast on "high" for one hour to "shock" it. Then turn the cooker to "low" and cook for 5-7 hours (depending on the size of the roast; if bigger, cook longer). The roast is done when it tries to come apart when lifted with a fork.

Remove the roast from the pot, put it on a plate or in a large bowl, cut the strings, and hand-pull the pork to small pieces. You'll also want to get any remaining small pieces that fell off during cooking out of the pot with a slotted spoon.

Season with your favorite sauce and serve on sandwiches. Then write to tell me how great it was.

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