Sunday, January 15, 2012

Reminder: Getcher KN@PPSTER for Android Here

Finally had a chance to test the app personally -- ran it on a couple of display tablets at a local electronics store yesterday. Looks pretty good, IMO! But definitely hit me with feedback if your mileage varies (or doesn't).

I haven't put the app in Android Market ... yet. For one thing, I figure it's enough of a "niche" app that it probably wouldn't do great things there, so why waste $25? For another, since the package I bought from Publish5 only supports 1,000 users, I definitely want to give KN@PPSTER's existing readership dibs on it before handing it out like candy elsewhere.

So anyway, click here, or on the screen shot, to download the .apk files and install KN@PPSTER for Android to your device.

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