Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Anyone Having Problems with Chrome?

OK, I gave the SOPA blackout four hours. Now I need to be back in communication with my friends.

Is anyone else suddenly having problems with the Google Chrome browser?

I'm running Chrome 16.0.912.75 on MacOS 10.5.x.

Or rather I'm not running it, because suddenly it doesn't want to run.

As soon as I try to do anything (enter text in a form, for example, or clear the cache -- it did let me disable my various and sundry extensions, of which I assumed one might be the problem), it becomes unresponsive and stays that way until I force quit it.

This happened suddenly, mid-stream in using the browser. I thought an extension I installed last night (Weatherbug) might be the culprit, but 86ing changed nothing.

No other applications are acting this way, nor do various diagnostics reveal anything wrong with the machine (early model Mac Mini, Core Duo/2Gb RAM).

I do not want to return to Firefox permanently.

Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

Update: I've disabled all extenstions, removed Chrome, reinstalled it from the Google site, deleted temp/cache files, etc. ... it's still not working.  To me, that means it's either something defective in Chrome (trying to find out when it auto-updated, possibly with a bug, right now) or something wrong with my machine. No other applications seem to be misbehaving, so that narrows it down to Chrome itself, IMO. So, I am resigned to Firefox, at least temporarily (I may revisit Safari and Camino and Opera ... but damn ... my Chrome setup was getting so comfortably lived in).

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