Thursday, January 19, 2012

Ronald Reagan was Once a Democrat

And Karen Santorum once dated a doctor who performed abortions.

A long time ago, in her 20s, Republican presidential aspirant Rick Santorum's future wife was live-in girlfriend for several years to the 60-something doctor who had delivered her. OK, so, yeah, that's kind of creepy.

But really, so what? Half of us in the 40+ category barely remember our 20s, and the ones who do would almost certainly cringe at the idea of some asshole conducting a forensic audit of our love lives back then for retrospective purposes.

They broke up. She met her future husband. They both became devout, practicing Catholics who oppose abortion. Judging by the number of children they have, there's no hypocrisy involved in that position, agree with it or not. Whether or not I agree with their particular values, I respect the fact that they apparently have values and try to live by them.

You know I'm the furthest thing possible from a Rick Santorum fanboy, people, but this just isn't a campaign issue. Shame on anybody who tries to make it one.

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