Tuesday, January 03, 2012

This is not a Sponsored Post

Apparently Google pranged its own Chrome browser's SEO by paying for promotional posts that fell under its own "low-quality content" guidelines.

Well, hey, I'm here to help. Google's not paying me anything to tell you that Chrome is da bomb.

It's fast, it has a very nice "store" for native or linkable apps, and its "isolated tabs" feature -- if one site crashes it doesn't take your whole browser down -- probably saves me two hours a month in restart/restore time.

Chrome hasn't completely caught up with Firefox yet in terms of extensions and such, but hey, Firefox had a long head start.

It's my default browser. I sometimes keep Firefox open for a couple of things I want to have handy but don't want in my face, but 99% of what I do on the web, I do in Chrome. I suspect I'll use the Chrome OS eventually, too.

Liam runs Chrome in Windoze, and likes it too.

You can download Chrome at this link.

So there ya go, Google. No charge.

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