Friday, January 13, 2012

Brief "Tent Living" Update

When last we spoke of this, I had slept the better part of two months outdoors, and was taking New Year's Eve off, then planning to get back to it and see if I could manage an uninterrupted year.

So far, so good! But I woke up this morning with snow on the tent, and tonight will be the first big test of "cold AND snowy."

I've slept out down to 13 degrees but dry, and I've slept out 30 degrees but with precipitation.

Tonight it's snowy, 18 degrees, with 8mph winds out of the west/southwest (perfect -- the house shields the tent most fully from exactly that direction).

I don't expect any big problems. Hell, last night I didn't even bother to zip up the sleeping bag.

I'm still trying to decide whether or not to allow myself a break from outside/tent sleeping when I travel. Not that I do that a lot, but I do have a weekend trip in mind soon.

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