Wednesday, January 11, 2012

On the Free Will vs. Predestination Debate

It drives me bugfuck. But maybe there's not a thing I can do about that, right?

To be perfectly candid (or perhaps just to fulfill my destiny), I'm amazed that it keeps rearing its ugly head after at least hundreds of years of organized debate in the English language, and presumably thousands of years of individual and collective mulling over. But maybe all of that is unavoidable.

In my opinion -- which I may have arrived at independently and volitionally, or may have just had implanted in my brain by God, the programmers of an artificial reality we live in, what have you -- the whole debate is irrelevant:

Either we do have free will, or we live in a reality in which our programmed destinies damn near perfectly mimic free will, i.e.  we not only do what we're "supposed" to do, but can't help believing that we decided for ourselves to do it.

If the former, huzzah.

If the latter, it's not like there's anything we can do about it -- or for that matter even want to do about it, unless we're predestined to such a desire.

Carry on (if you want to, or are compelled to).
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