Friday, January 13, 2012

Flattry Will Get You Everywhere

Now appearing at KN@PPSTER -- at the bottom of each post, and in the sidebar -- is a "Flattr Button."

And what, pray tell, is a "Flattr Button?"

Flattr is a micropayment service. Or, really, a "tip jar" for cheapskates.

On the "paying" side, it allows people to make small contributions to sites they like by taking a larger payment and splitting it up. For example, you might decide to fund your Flattr account to the tune of a dollar a month. At the end of each month, Flattr splits that dollar evenly between all the sites you've "flattred." If you only clicked the button at one site, that site gets a buck. If you did it at two sites, each gets 50 cents. A hundred sites, everyone's a penny richer. That's the basic idea, anyway. You actually have to pay a little more than your funding level. That's one way Flattr makes its money.

On the "receiving" side, Flattr stores the collected money from flattry and lets the recipient withdraw it once it's reached a reasonable minimum (10 euros). They take a 10% cut on that end too, I think.

So anyway, if you've ever thought to yourself "I like KN@PPSTER sooooooo much that I'd like to pay him something ... but the transaction fees on a dime would just make that silly," here's a solution (especially if you've thought the same thing about a bunch of other bloggers).
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