Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Talk About Kicking a Man While He's Down ...

Romney receives the kiss of death:

Republican Senator John McCain, who lost the White House race to President Barack Obama in 2008, endorsed Mitt Romney on Wednesday to take on the embattled incumbent in November.

The idea is that it helps Romney in New Hampshire. But if Romney needs help in New Hampshire -- right next door to the state he governed for four years -- well, he's beyond help. And nationally, McCain's endorsement is an albatross.

Loser by Beck on Grooveshark

Meanwhile, it looks like Romney isn't going to catch a break from Newt Gingrich either. Contra the conventional wisdom that he should perhaps abandon the Granite State field to Romney and focus on South Carolina, the Manchester Union Leader's endorsed candidate is apparently opting for the scorched earth strategy.

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