Sunday, January 08, 2012

It's a Hard Knock Blogging Life ...

... but you can make it just a little bit easier.

Back in early December, when I decided to buckle down and start blogging regularly again, KN@PPSTER was averaging about 80 visits a day. That's crept up to about 240 visits a day (actually about 270, but about 30 of them are "traffic exchange" hits that I'm using for a specific purpose unrelated to my regular traffic). The low end of my goal is 1,000 visits a day. I'd actually like to get it up to 1,429 visits a day (10,000 visits a week).

And so, in my best Sally Struthers voice, I ask, "will you please help?" It's fast, it's easy, and it shouldn't add more than 30 seconds to the time you spend visiting KN@PPSTER.

Behold, a screen shot:

See the arrow labeled "1?" That little "share" whatsit it's pointing at appears at the bottom of every post here on KN@PPSTER. Hover over it, and you get a list of places to show off the post. Click on it, and you get an even long list a la the box indicated by arrow number "2."

Pick one and let'er rip. Tweet it. Digg it. Share it on Facebook. Bookmark it on Reddit. Give it some Google + juice.

Any or all of the above will help me get the word out. Your reward? Well, the more people seem to be interested in this blog, the more interested I'll remain in keeping it active. So it's really a question of whether or like reading KN@PPSTER enough to help me keep up my own enthusiasm for it.  If so, thanks in advance.
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