Monday, January 23, 2012

ClickBleg: Help me get on Wavii ASAP

It's like this: Wavii is a news aggregation hangamajigger, and we all know I'm way into that kind of thing (my day job is niche aggregation "by hand").

They're still in one of those "limited access" timeframes.

How does one move up the latter toward actually getting to use it?

Why, by referring other people, of course.

I need 10 referrals to get in ... 20 referrals and I get a t-shirt. Which means you no longer have to look at my naked torso. Surely that's worth a click to you, right?

Best as I can tell, it's not anything to download or buy -- it looks at your Facebook "likes" and then throws stuff at you that it thinks you'll find interesting.

Thanks in advance.

[Update: One referral so far, which got me a "sneak peek." Thanks! It looks pretty cool. I'm always looking for tools that call the good stuff to my attention. The less time I spend finding it, the more time I get to spend reading it, summarizing it, linking it and otherwise adding value to it for my own readers. Nine more referrals and I'm in! - TLK]

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