Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Gingrich Begins Positioning Himself for Veep

Gingrich punches up at Ron Paul, more gently poking -- even tacitly endorsing -- Mitt Romney:

I think if you really stop and say to yourself, can you imagine [Paul] as president given his beliefs and his system, I think the answer is no. You couldn't imagine the American people doing that. ... Mitt Romney is a serious person and as a serious person he has some responsibility to set a decent standard ...

If you've followed Gingrich's career, you know there's nothing he takes more seriously than being "a serious person," unless maybe it's being "the idea guy" (the conflict between the two aspirations has been a problem for him). If he throws that word your way, he's either grooming you as a protege, or pitching himself to you as one. Saying that about Romney right before the Iowa caucus is essentially saying "we both know I'm out of the running; let's do lunch and talk about our future together -- soon."

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