Thursday, December 22, 2022

NFL Week 16 Picks

Who, I'm running late -- only an hour until the first game of Week 16!

For Week 15, I only picked six of 16 games correctly, but I still came out in positive points territory because I got the games I went BIG on correct. Net 28.6 points, putting my total score for the season at 90.2, and keeping me in the top 1/3 of players in the FiveThirtyEight NFL Forecasting Game.

Week 16:

Jacksonville Jaguars beat New York Jets -- 61%
Baltimore Ravens beat Atlanta Falcons -- 61%
Buffalo Bills beat Chicago Bears -- 91%
Cincinnati Bengals beat New England Patriots -- 53%
Detroit Lions beat Carolina Panthers -- 53%**
Tennessee Titans beat Houston Texans -- 73%
Cleveland Browns beat New Orleans Saints -- 71%
Minnesota Vikings beat New York Giants -- 79%
Kansas City Chiefs beat Seattle Seahawks -- 100%
San Francisco 49ers beat Washington Commanders -- 91%
Philadelphia Eagles beat Dallas Cowboys -- 53%*
Las Vegas Raiders beat Pittsburgh Steelers -- 53%*
Miami Dolphins beat Green Bay Packers -- 91%
Denver Broncos beat Los Angeles Rams -- 53%
Arizona Cardinals beat Tampa Bay Buccaneers -- 53%*
Los Angeles Chargers beat Indianapolis Colts -- 53%*

Single asterisks indicated where I disagree with the FiveThrityEight Model. The double-asterisk on the Lions/Panthers game means that the model put that game at 50/50 instead of picking a winner. Any changes will be made before game times and explained in updates to this post.

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