Monday, December 26, 2022


As I think I've mentioned before, each morning I complete three items to maximize my Microsoft Rewards points (that is an affiliate link -- I get some points when people sign up for the free program through it). Those three items are called the "daily set."

One is just a search result on an interesting/relevant term (today's was Boxing Day).

The second is a quiz (today's was on which cities have National Hockey League teams).

The third is a daily poll.

Today's daily poll was on whether one prefers 1) apples or 2) tomatoes on grilled cheese sandwiches.

Personally I prefer neither, although I suppose some diced tomato (or maybe pico de gallo?) might not be terrible.

I generally take my grilled cheese sandwiches "plain." I've been known to throw a slice of bologna or some already-cooked bacon in there occasionally. Usually it's just cheese  and bread (sometimes I vary the types of each -- Muenster on sourdough is a favorite).

But apples? Not only do I not prefer that, I've never heard of that.

Apples? On grilled cheese? That sounds awful.

And yet a slim majority, as of the time I took the poll, were saying they preferred it.


Anyway, I've redeemed Microsoft Rewards (there's that affiliate link again) points for $40 worth of stuff (usually Amazon gift cards, but you can also enter sweepstakes, make charitable donations, etc.) this year, and am about at the $10 redemption level again. It's a minute or two per morning, and (along with Wordle) helps me get my brain in gear.

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