Monday, December 26, 2022

Fairly Short and Hopefully Spoiler-Free Review(s) -- The Knives Out Flicks

I waited until Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery was about to arrive (on Netflix) to watch the original Knives Out movie (not on Netflix -- apparently the owner of streaming rights to the original was pissed that Netflix got the rights to two sequels and declined to let them stream the first one; I bought it on sale at Vudu). We watched the first one last week and the second one last night. A third one is on the way.

TL;DR --  They're both incredibly fun, star-studded whodunits, very much (and intentionally) in the mold of Agatha Christie, only not bloodshed-averse like her cozies. Daniel Craig as a southern-accented private investigator is a great turn. So, in the second one, is Edward Norton as a sort of Howard Hughes / Elon Musk eccentric billionaire type. And Christopher Plummer (in his last filmed role) as an eccentric author of mysteries in the first. Etc., etc..

Longer Version -- I don't really have one. You like comedic whodunit or you don't. You like the many, many actors who show up (including cameos, references, etc.) or you don't. I do.


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