Friday, December 02, 2022

KN@PPSTER -- Thanks For Asking!: The Final (Podcast) Chapter?

The latest AMA episode is up at Callin here (yes, that means "click the graphic"):

Should be up at Apple Podcasts and Spotify within 24 hours or so if you prefer those venues.

It may (I haven't really decided yet) be the final episode.


Well, it's not getting very many listens or much participation. I can talk to myself all day long without using a computer, phone, or application. It's talking to you that requires those things.

If I knock off the AMA podcast, I'll probably still try some other stuff out with Callin. Maybe a very periodic interview show? Who knows? It's a cool service with really good support. I like it.

And I'm planning at least four more episodes of The KN@PP Stir Podcast, at my convenience, so I at least get up to a prime number of episodes, because reasons. Those will likely appear at the Soundcloud channel where I've always done them (episode 145 is there now -- episodes 144 are available at thanks to Joel Schlosberg).

I'm also looking at one or two services where (as with Soundcloud) I can record audio at my leisure and upload it rather than doing things live, and some other live possibilities (e.g. Zoom).

I'll never possess the talent or voice quality of the late, great Jeff Riggenbach, but I'm considering one or more "limited series" podcasts where I produce, say, five episodes on a subject, issue, historical period, or whatever that interests me and might interest you.

Another possibility that I'm both itching to do and dreading doing is "getting regular" with a (weekly, maybe?) "Tom rants about some news cycle thing that's on his mind" show not entirely unlike The KN@PP Stir Podcast at its kinda sorta "height."

Hell, maybe I'll just do TikToks of myself falling off skateboards or something.

The possibilities are endless. I just need to find myself excited/obsessed with some particular thing for long enough to get started.

What do you think I should work on audio or video wise? Let me know in comments.

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