Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Week 4 NFL Picks

Well, Week 3 was a disaster -- I racked up a total of NEGATIVE 123.7 points,  picking only seven of 16 games correctly and ending up with an aggregate score of -121.2 points for the season (26th percentile) in FiveThirtyEight's NFL Forecasting Game. The FiveThirtyEight Model only got eight picks right but only lost 63.4 points because it doesn't bet as big as I do on the Chiefs.

On the up side, I did pick a couple of upsets correctly: The Dolphins beat the Bills, and after looking at the injury list I changed my pick to correctly predict the Jaguars' defeat of the Chargers.

My Week 4 picks:

Miami Dolphins beat Cincinnati Bengals -- 61%
Minnesota Vikings beat New Orleans Saints -- 61%
Buffalo Bills beat Baltimore Ravens -- 61%
Chicago Bears beat New York Giants -- 53%*
Cleveland Browns beat Atlanta Falcons-- 61%
Philadelphia Eagles beat Jacksonville Jaguars -- 79%
Los Angeles Chargers beat Houston Texans -- 71%
Pittsburgh Steelers beat New York Jets -- 79%
Detroit Lions beat Seattle Seahawks -- 53%
Indianapolis Colts beat Tennessee Titans -- 61%
Dallas Cowboys beat Washington Commanders -- 61%
North Carolina Panthers beat Arizona Cardinals -- 53%
Denver Broncos beat Las Vegas Raiders -- 59%
Green Bay Packers beat New England Patriots -- 61%
Kansas City Chiefs beat Tampa Bay Buccaneers -- 100%*
Los Angeles Rams beat San Francisco 49ers -- 59%*

Asterisks indicate where my picks differ from the FiveThirtyEight models.

I usually don't make many changes. Any changes I make will be noted in updates below this post and will be made before the game times involved. Now that I'm starting to get into this, I'll probably spend a little time most weeks (although likely not this week, as I have hurricane prep to work on) looking at things like updated injury lists and prior team-on-team results.

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