Friday, September 09, 2022

Thanks For Asking! Podcast Today at Noon Eastern

I'm sticking with Callin for at least one more try to get past my own competence issues and their growing pains. If everything goes right, the show will kick off at noon Eastern time today, here:

Here are the questions I've got teed up from this month's Thanks For Asking! thread:


But there's still time to get your question in, preferably by 11:30am or so.

If nobody bites, I'll take questions live and/or just answer whatever unasked questions I feel like answering.

If Callin 1) works well and 2) gets participation, I'll stick with it.

I find it preferable to Twitter Spaces, even though Twitter obviously has a larger user base, because for the moment Twitter makes it a pain in the ass to download/edit/convert/publish Spaces audio to other formats/platforms.

If I continue to have problems with Callin, I'm considering Zoom, which I suspect most people have used at this point.

"See" you at noon!

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