Tuesday, September 13, 2022

This Week's NFL Picks ...

... since I might as well share them in advance when I remember:

The Chiefs beat the Chargers, 100%
The Giants beat the Panthers, 71%
The Colts beat the Jaguars, 79%
The Dolphins beat the Ravens, 53%*
The Steelers beat the Patriots, 61%
The Browns beat the Jets, 71%
The Buccaneers beat the Saints, 61%
Washington beats the Lions, 67%
The Rams beat the Falcons, 91%
The Seahawks beat the 49ers, 53%*
The Raiders beat the Cardinals, 71%
The Bengals beat the Cowboys, 79%
The Broncos beat the Texans, 61%
The Packers beat the Bears, 79%
The Bills beat the Titans, 79%
The Vikings beat the Eagles, 53%*

While my percentages differ from the FiveThirtyEight model's on every pick, my picks only differ on the three asterisked games. 

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