Friday, September 02, 2022

I'm on an Upcoming Podcast ...

... and I think you'll want to listen to it, because it covers a lot of cool stuff.

I can't remember the name of the podcast, but the creator/host is Jake Porter, and this will be the premier episode.

It's a rambling discussion, of an hour or more and covers a lot of cool stuff, including a story I've never been able to publicly tell before (I've shared it confidentially with a few friends) about the time that I was briefly (for an hour or so) the Libertarian Party's presidential nominee. Or at least the avatar thereof.

Jake's been a Libertarian since 2004, when he he must have been too young to vote (I know that factoid due to a later occurrence which is also covered in the podcast). He's done pretty much everything Libertarian Partyish, up to and including managing Jacob Hornberger's 2020 presidential campaign, running for governor and secretary of state of Iowa, serving as a libertarian in one or more appointed gummint positions, etc. Right now he's managing Ricky Dale Harrington's campaign for governor in Arkansas.

I think we talked about every Libertarian presidential cycle from 2004 on, as well as the current situation in the Libertarian Party, etc.

So anyway, hopefully that whets your appetite. When it goes public, I'll point you to it.

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