Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Awhile back, I mentioned that Technorati didn't seem to want to index my blog, and that the support ticket had been in for a looong time. If I'm gonna complain, I guess I should give credit where credit is due, and not just in the comments. Whatever the problem was, it got ironed out, and I had an email from Janice Myint letting me know. Technorati has promptly indexed Kn@ppster ever since.

A lot of startups with good ideas and innovative products/services get bogged down just about as soon as they get popular -- at least in some measure because support issues start pouring over the levees faster than they can deal with those issues, and their fans finally just walk away. One thing I noticed in researching my own issue was that the people at Technorati are generally very responsive to problems with their service (and just responsive in general to the blogosphere), and that when something comes up, they deal with it instead of letting it slide. Thanks, Janice, and thanks, Technorati!

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