Saturday, January 28, 2006

Getting things back on the rails ...

Now that the phrase "Steve Kubby" is the number one search on Technorati, the opportunists are starting to show up, obfuscating search results and making it difficult for readers to get actual information about the situation at hand by posting material that happens to mention Steve peripherally but is really just stuff pertaining to petty controversies they're hopped up about.

Not very cool, guys ... and I'll remember and file it away for a day when I'm in a position to help -- or harm -- you, and act accordingly.

In any case, this post is just to remind people that we've got a situation worthy of attention, and to point them to a couple of links that actually have to do with Steve Kubby:

- Steve Kubby update on Brad Spangler's blog

- Update from Michele Kubby on Hammer of Truth

- My own recent entry on the Kubby situation

Let's try to keep the focus where it belongs, folks: On saving Steve's life.

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