Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Steve Kubby SitRep

Update, 4:45 CST: According to M.R. Jarrell, the TV News is now reporting Kubby's appearance in court. See the link for details, and add Uncivil Defence to your list of "sources of first resort." Thanks for the update, M.R.!

Awaiting word now on the outcome of Kubby's scheduled court appearance (I'm trying to balance getting "new news" out with combating the evil, lowlife, ax-grinding, blog-spamming assholes who continue to abuse the story's prominence and keep you from getting any real news at all).

Updates on the Kubby family's web site are spotty for obvious reasons, but bookmark it. Even if the news is slower getting there right now, you know that it's solid when it does.

No word on whether the hearing has actually even begun or not (if you believe the times listed on dockets, you've never been through the system), whether anyone will be liveblogging or near-liveblogging it, or whether any "real" news organizations will get a story through the mill in a timely manner. I'll get word out as soon as I have it, but Hammer of Truth usually has the scoop before anyone, so check there if you're wondering.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, here are a couple of interesting recent pieces on Kubby (as opposed to the stuff put out by the the evil, lowlife, ax-grinding, blog-spamming assholes, or the appreciated but short/minor/re-post material):

- Death by Government: How to kill the sick by L.K. Samuels at Coastal Post Online
- Kubby: A martyr for jealous gods by Tom Morris

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