Thursday, January 26, 2006

Kubby countdown continues

To: Bradford R. Fenocchio
Placer County District Attorney

From: Thomas L. Knapp

Re: The Kubby case

Dear Sir,

I'm among those who've been encouraged in various blog articles to write to you, urging you to back off from your contemplated participation in the murder of Steve Kubby.

I doubt that it will be of much use now -- someone who's willing to kill the innocent in cold blood normally won't be put off by email arguments from people they don't even know that doing so is wrong -- but it seems like a reasonable step to take insofar as later, when and if you are held to account for your actions, you won't be able to credibly plead ignorance. You'll have been informed. It will be obvious that you killed him because you thought you could get away with it, not because you didn't know it was wrong.

So: Pretty please with sugar on top, don't murder Steve. He's a good man, and a friend, and he doesn't deserve to die for the "crime" of using a medicine that you don't like. Grow some guts and stand up for what's right instead of expecting others to pay for your sinecure with their lives.

Best regards,
Thomas L. Knapp
St. Louis, Missouri

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