Saturday, January 07, 2006

Mr. Fix-It

"I like this a lot better," writes Kirsten. "The only thing that is driving me nuts is that the Read More! link appears even when there isn't more to read." Which is the kind of thing I'd usually just answer inline ("fixed") in the comment itself, except that then my admonition that you should read and bookmark her fine blog, Enjoy Every Sandwich, would go generally unnoticed and also roll off the front page far too quickly, and then Kirsten might erroneously conclude that Kn@ppster doesn't harbor the same level of anarcholiberal love for her and her sex toy business as he does for others and their sex toy businesses, which would be an intolerable tragedy.

So -- the "Read More!" thing is fixed (it wasn't part of Jen's design -- I stuck it in there when I decided my posts were rather longish and that they should perhaps be truncated, but on re-thinking, screw it -- you people know how to navigate a site, don't you?).

In other news, the Libertarian Party took a giant step toward becoming a real political party on January 1st by eliminating dues for "membership." Now one becomes a Libertarian in the same way that Republicans become Republicans and Democrats become Democrats ... by deciding to be one and saying that's what you are. They'll still take your money, of course, but now it's a "contribution for political work" instead of a "payment so I can call myself part of the club."

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