Friday, January 06, 2006

Stupid Government Ideas (Chapter 3.2)

This just in from Logan Ferree at Freedom Democrats (and more about the site below, too): Some idiot state senator (redundant? Yeah, mostly) wants to ban the sale of cold beer in Missouri.

Yeah, he's a Republican. Imagine that. For all I hear about the GOP being "the party of smaller government," it almost never turns out to be true where the rubber meets the road. Here in St. Louis County, a draconian smoking ban came before the county council -- all three Democrats opposed it, three of four Republicans supported it.

This one isn't just "for the children" -- it's by the children. Our "limited government" ... limited to doing whatever stupid idea pops into the heads of those comprising said government, apparently ... Republican, Bill Alter, got the idea from a fifth grader when he asked a class to suggest new laws. We don't have enough laws yet, see? We've only been a state for what, 184 years?

The senator's idea is that if liquor stores had to keep their beer at 60+ degrees, nobody would decide to pop the top on a cold one while driving home. My prediction is that the ice industry will rake in a windfall. Or maybe we'll all go Brit and start drinking the stuff warm and talking funny and listening for cricket scores on the Beeb. Dumbass.

But back to Freedom Democrats ... always good stuff there. They've got an "Act Blue" page for direct donations to pro-freedom Democratic candidates. US House and Senate scorecards, too (and damn, I need to get to work on the Missouri version). Check'em out.

Final note -- hat tip, once again to Freedom Democrats: Gotta help keep the Cory Maye case on the ol' blogosphere radar. Here's an omnibus site covering a miscarriage of justice that needs to be corrected.

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