Monday, January 30, 2006

Steve Kubby roundup

Here's a rough list of some recent updates on Steve Kubby's situation. I shouldn't really have to do this -- "Steve Kubby" is the top search on Technorati and has been all weekend -- but a bunch of evil, lowlife, ax-grinding, blog-spamming assholes have been (intentionally) making it difficult for searchers to get real information on the actual topic. More on that below. First, a rough roundup of substantive posts:

- Ober Dicta's Steve on Kubby
- San Francisco Bay Independent Media Center on Kubby
- Uncivil Defence's M.R. Jarrell on Kubby
- webswamp's interview with Michele Kubby
- Hammer of Truth's Steve Gordon on Kubby

Late additions:

- Tor on Kubby

Like I said, these are recent substantive articles ... but a lot of people have been kicking in with a link and a nod, and that's great, too. Thanks to them, and I'll try to offer some link love in return later. If you blog, do a little research and help us deck the blogosphere halls with this story. It's worth telling and it needs all the attention we can turn toward it.

But, back to our bottom feeders. No, I won't be linking to them. I don't reward evil when I can avoid doing so. Most of them are involved in some kind of feud with Marc Emery, a prominent marijuana activist. I didn't have an opinion on that feud before. After seeing how one side conducts its operations -- complete with counterfeit "Pot TV" and "Cannabis Culture" labels (Emery runs the real Pot TV and Cannabis Culture, both worth your time and attention), smirking aspersions, gratuitous insertion of Kubby's name for no other reason than to spam readers who are looking for one thing with another, etc. -- I do.

There are some good really, really, good people in the medical marijuana movement; based on the enemies he's made if nothing else, I have to think that Marc Emery is one of them, and I know for damn sure that Loretta Nall is another. I haven't seen either of them trying to use Steve Kubby's situation as a cheap spotlight for their causes or ambitions. In that crowd, I'd also count the Kubby family themselves (I don't know them well, but I've met them and am familiar with their struggle).

We're trying to save someone's life here. So-called medical marijuana activists who will get in the way of that for a cheap chance to air their dirty laundry, or grab publicity -- even for a worthy cause -- with everyone else doing the work when they were too lazy to do it themselves before, deserve nothing but scorn. Maybe a good kick in the ass, too, but I haven't figure out how to deliver on that need ... yet.

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