Sunday, January 08, 2006

Guest-blogging and such

Got a guest entry over at My Waisted Life. madbull is one of my BlogExplosion buddies -- not highly political for the most part, just highly offensive.

Speaking of BlogExplosion, their new "chat" beta doesn't work for me. When I say "doesn't work" I don't mean "doesn't work well," I mean "doesn't work." It's got all kinds of doomaflitchits that try to load -- audio and video stuff -- and it just never seems to quite get there. I'm assuming that this is not because my puter (the new 2.8GHz/256Mb/Xandros Linux/Firefox box) isn't up to it, or that the beta is inherently defective, but rather my slow connect speed (56K). In any case, I don't chat often, but it would be nice to be able to when I want to.

Now that the blogrolls are attractive and functional instead of just eyesores, I've started expanding them. I'm also noticing that there are sites which should have been 'rolled ages ago, and that I thought were, that weren't there ... yes, Angie, this means you. Some corrections/additions have already been made, more coming.

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