Saturday, January 28, 2006

Join the KKK!

Yes. Really.

No, not that KKK, guys. The other one:


Quick rundown: Steve Kubby is a medical marijuana activist (he was prominent in the passage of California's medical marijuana law, and ran for governor of that state on the Libertarian Party's ballot line) who fled to Canada a few years ago so that he could remain alive. Steve is the world's longest-surviving victim of a rare form of cancer, for which marijuana is the only effective palliative -- and, having been targeted by America's drug thugs (the government) for using a medicine they didn't approve of, he was facing a jail sentence and the cutoff of his medicine.

Earlier this week, Steve was forced to return to the US when Canada's courts rejected his application for refugee status. Now he's sitting in jail, without his medication. This is not a matter that time will iron out ... Steve has nearly died several times when deprived of marijuana for as little as a few hours. At this point, the only thing that those who care about Steve Kubby -- and about the rights of all victims of all diseases to use effective treatments without the threat of prison and death hanging over them -- can do is to bring pressure on the authorities to let him go, or at least to let him have his medicine.

What can you do?

First, make noise: Blog about this. For more information than I've given you, check out the Kubby family's web site. More current updates and action suggestions may be found at Hammer of Truth, Brad Spangler's Blog, etc.

Second, spread the word to your friends and acquaintances and ask them to do likewise.

Third, spread the word to others:

- "Bookmark" articles about Kubby on sites like, Furl, Simpy, Spurl, reddit and Blink. Them more people "bookmark" such articles, the more attention they get and the more new articles they generate.

- Search on the term "Steve Kubby" early and often at Technorati, the web's biggest blog-specific search engine. You can open a regular search by clicking here. Right now, "Steve Kubby" is the number one search at Technorati. That's drawn attention and the blogosphere is responding with more articles, which will hopefully quickly translate into some "mainstream media" attention and pressure. Better yet, use Technorati's "mini" utility, which opens up a small window that searches for your term every 60 seconds ... then leave that window open while you're doing other things. Let's keep Steve's name spotlighted as best possible!

There are other things you can do, of course -- letters to the prosecutor, donations to the Kubby's legal fund or to Steve's "commissary" account (which he hopefully won't need because he'll be free by the time they get there), etc. -- and those things are covered on the sites I link to. The things I describe above cost you not one thin dime, just a few minutes of your time. Please help.

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