Friday, January 20, 2006

Friday Wanderlust

Own Horn, Tooting of -- I've got a guest blog entry up on libertarian movement/Libertarian Party divisions over at Hammer of Truth.

Smoke Blunt -- In truth, I just have no place weighing in on the GOP Majority Leader election process. I'm a Libertarian-Democrat and the GOP is, well, the GOP. Fortunately, the folks at QandO are running the right smack so's I don't have to. It's all over their front page and it's all good as such things go, but Dale Franks gives Roy Blunt the most comprehensive thrashing and it's worth a read. As someone who's lived in Roy Blunt's district, followed his career, and worked on opposing congressional campaigns, I can't help getting a warm feeling when I see him outed by his own party comrades (more or less) for the two-bit hack he is.

Yo mama, Osama -- A "truce" with bin Laden? Not a fucking chance, says Billy Beck. I agree. The only proper reaction to something like 9/11 is to hunt down every last one of the turds and off them. On the other hand, the condition which seems to be held out for such a "truce" -- a general US withdrawal from the Middle East -- is the right thing to do anyway. Bin Laden proposing it just makes it harder to get done by framing it in terms of surrendering to him, rather than to reality. Which is probably why he proposed it. As the damnYankee private said at Fredericksburg said, "Shit! They want us to get in. Getting out won't be quite so smart and easy. You'll see!" And seeing we are.

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