Sunday, October 17, 2004

OpEdClip: Casey at the bat

"You've heard all the reasons why you should vote. Most of them are humbug at best, and some -- like 'It doesn't matter how you vote. Just vote' -- are simply idiotic. Voting today has nothing to do with 'civic duties' you learned about in grade school. Your fellow citizens aren't Jimmy Stewart and Gary Cooper look-alikes earnestly trying to do the right thing. Well over 50 percent of U.S. citizens are now net tax recipients, and they've trundled down to the polls in their tank tops and shower slippers only to help ensure they stay on the gravy train."

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Gotta love Doug Casey. I do wish that WorldNetDaily would post his commentaries in a timely manner, though. He's listed as a Thursday columnist, but his articles generally aren't there when I check on Thursdays. They show up later, when I'm not looking. Hat tip to Strike the Root for the heads up on this one.

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