Tuesday, October 19, 2004

NewsClip: But it's okay if you heard about Viagra on TV

"A routine kidney transplant that was supposed to take place Monday was cancelled after the doctor who was going to perform the operation said he had 'ethical concerns' about the procedure because the donor and recipient met on the Internet. Bob Hickey of Edwards, Colo., is in dire need a kidney transplant because his one remaining kidney is failing. He met a willing kidney donor on a Web site called www.MatchingDonors.com. The site connects people in need of an organ transplant with those willing to become live donors."

Read the story ...

The guy needs a kidney. He's lined up a willing donor. If doctors and hospitals consider it "unethical" to pony up for donor location, or even to outright buy an organ from a willing seller, then how is it that medical care is so expensive? What? You mean the doctors and hospitals don't waive their fees? Do tell.

Speaking of which, this is a good place to flog LifeSharers -- a market-oriented approach to organ donation. Check'em out.

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