Friday, October 01, 2004

No guts, no glory

Below are my state-by-state predictions for the November 2nd presidential election. Red for Bush, Blue for Kerry. This post will remain unaltered (once I get the damn line breaks right, etc.). If my prediction changes, I'll repost, rather than editing. Intellectual honesty and all that.

Alabama (9)Alaska (3)Arizona (10)
Arkansas (6)California (55)Colorado (9)
Connecticut (7)DC (3)Delaware (3)
Florida (27)Georgia (15)Hawaii (4)
Idaho (4)Illinois (21)Indiana (11)
Iowa (7)Kansas (6)Kentucky (8)
Louisiana (9)Maine (4)Maryland (10)
Massachusetts (12)Michigan (17)Minnesota (10)
Mississippi (6) Missouri (11)Montana (3)
Nebraska (5)Nevada (5)New Hampshire(4)
New Jersey (15)New Mexico(5)New York (31)
North Carolina (15)North Dakota (3)Ohio (20)
Oklahoma (7)Oregon (7)Pennsylvania (21)
Rhode Island (4)South Carolina (8)South Dakota (3)
Tennessee (11)Texas (34)Utah (5)
Vermont (3)Virginia (13)Washington (11)
West Virginia (5)Wisconsin (10)Wyoming (3)

Bottom line:
Outgoing President George W. Bush -- 220 electoral votes.
President-elect John F. Kerry -- 318 electoral votes.

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