Wednesday, October 20, 2004

NewsClip: Scenes from a banana republic

"Sen. John Kerry has a simple strategy if the presidential race is in doubt on Nov. 3, the day after the election: Do not repeat Al Gore's mistakes. Unlike the former vice president, who lost a recount fight and the 2000 election, Kerry will be quick to declare victory on election night and begin defending it. He also will be prepared to name a national security team before knowing whether he's secured the presidency."

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Hat tip to Res Publica 2004.

The blogger there ("Susan") seems to regard Kerry's preparations as a plot to steal the election.

Most Democrats, on the other hand, genuinely believe that the 2000 election was stolen and that they need to be able to stop it from happening again.

Both "major" parties -- or, rather, both wings of the One Ruling Party -- are playing a very dangerous game here. Call the results of one election into question, and you're defending democracy. Call the results of two elections in a row into question, and you're indicting the system itself.

Not that I have a problem with the Dem and Rep top hats taking that road, mind you -- but they should realize that they'll be the first ones up against the wall when the revolution comes.

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