Monday, October 25, 2004

NewsClip: Methinks Ed doth protest too much ...

"The head of the Republican National Committee has threatened to take legal action against the pro-voting group Rock the Vote and to challenge its non-profit status if the group continues to discuss the possibility that the government may reinstate the draft. In an extraordinary letter sent last week that has received almost no media attention, Republican chief Ed Gillespie wrote to the group and accused it of 'promoting a false and misleading campaign designed to scare America's youth into believing that they may be drafted to serve in the military.' Last month the group sent a mock draft notice by email to over 600,000 email addresses. Gillespie described the possibility of the reinstatement of the draft as an urban myth and as proof cited a statement by President Bush that there would be no draft."

Here's the article -- includes copies of letters, and show transcript.

Hat tip to Fark.

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