Saturday, October 23, 2004

Knappster: Yankee Imperialist Running Dog?

Well, sort of.

Occasionally I find one of these "make money on the Internet opportunities" worth a shot. Usually I turn a small profit and then the thing goes moribund. I just came across a promising one -- it's called "$2 empire," although I haven't quite figured out why -- and this is my pitch for it.

It works like this: You pay $2.97 to me, and $1.97 in "setup fees" to get your own "flog the opportunity" web site just like mine. In return, you get access to a bunch of e-books (of the "how to make money on the Internet" variety) and software (of the "free tools that you could probably find on your own, but which are probably a good deal at $4.94 instead of spending hours to hunt down" variety).

Then you flog your site, like I'm doing now, and you get $2.97 per sale.

Since I'm a Linux user, I haven't viewed all of the stuff you get yet (I'll port it over to my Windows machine later). Some of the e-books are in PDF format, and they're okay. Others are in a proprietary Windows format -- I've seen a few of them before, and they're okay, too. Naturally, this is characterized as "over $5,500 dollars worth" of software, but let's not go getting crazy about it. It's a good deal at the price, and it has some profit potential.

I'm not going to promise that this will make you a millionaire, but the way I see it, two sales puts me into the "profit zone" -- and the same applies to you. If you have a site or a blog, and want to make a little money, this may be your bag.

Anyway, here's the link. You know what to do.

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