Saturday, October 23, 2004

NewsClip: Ann Coulter, meet Coconut Cream

Conservatism's answer to affirmative action ("hey, she's got a vagina, hire her -- who cares whether or not she can write?") has a Close Encounter of the Baked Kind:

"Author and conservative columnist Ann Coulter was assaulted by two men who threw custard pies at her during a talk at the University of Arizona. The Arizona Daily Wildcat reports as Coulter was answering questions in front of a packed house at the university's Centennial Hall, the men ran up on stage and threw the pies, one of which connected with her shoulder while missing her face -- a pie-thrower's traditional target."

Read the story ...

Jeez, guys, how can you miss a piehole that's the size of Rhode Island and always open?

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