Sunday, October 03, 2004

BlogClip: This is getting to be ridiculous

It's a given that using a cellphone ring tone to enlarge one's breasts is a scam ... but I'm beginning to think that the existence of Hideto Tomabechi's "Rockmelon" tone is a scam, too. I've been consistently getting hits in the double digits per hour on my bloggage about it ... and I'd like to send those poor souls on to the actual place where they can plunk down their 300 yen and get the damn thing if they're that desperate.

But I can't find it. Looked high and low, but there's just too much talk about it to find the actual thing itself, if it isn't an urban legend/hoax in the first place.

"Stupid Evil Bastard," however, does have a link (apparently originally via Engadget) to an MP3 of it, so maybe if you plug it into XMMS or your iPod or something the mammaries will sprout.

Here ya go ....

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