Tuesday, February 02, 2016

The Incredible Evitable Hillary

I'm writing this a little after midnight (eastern time). At the moment, with 95% of Iowa caucus precincts reporting, Hillary Clinton leads Bernie Sanders in "delegate equivalents" by 667 to 664. It could go either way, but it isn't going to go either way by much.

Clinton's 2016 campaign, like her 2008 campaign, has so far been largely premised on her perceived "inevitability."

Rhetorical question for Democrats: WTF? Are you people stupid or something?

This is the second presidential nomination campaign in which she's had her ass handed to her in Iowa -- and make no mistake, that's what it amounts to when the "inevitable" former First Lady, former US Senator, former US Secretary of State ends up in a statistical tie with Bernie Frickin' Sanders in for the love of Pete, Iowa.

She's not inevitable for the nomination, and even if she ekes that out I can't think of a weaker Democratic nominee for the general election who isn't currently constrained to campaigning from a prison cell or hospice bed.

You people have really got your ass in a crack here, and I'm not really seeing a way out of it for you. Nor do I sympathize, except to the extent that I strongly prefer gridlock -- one party controlling the White House and the other controlling at least one house of Congress. You knotheads seem intent on handing the whole circus over to the GOP when this presidential election should have been a Democratic walk in the park.

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