Tuesday, February 23, 2016

#StandWithGarret -- Snowden at the Liberty Forum

Here's Garret Ean's "unauthorized" recording of Edward Snowden's appearance at last weekend's New Hampshire Liberty Forum:

Here's the Free Keene blog post in which Ean presents the recording and his rationale for doing so.

Here's the post in which Free Keene's Ian outlines the controversy over the recording and its release.

Next, last night's episode of Free Talk Live in which the whole thing gets discussed at length:

Why am I on Garret Ean's side here?

The Free State Project sold tickets to the event with no mention whatsoever of any recording restrictions.  At $100 a pop.

The restriction was not even mentioned until the audience was in the room and Snowden was being introduced, and then it was framed as a request.

The audience -- primarily New Hampshire liberty activists, affiliated or not with the Free State Project -- were known to all parties to be heavily into radical transparency and heavily into recording, well, pretty much everything.

It was unreasonable to spring that on them AFTER collecting their $100 and AFTER they traveled to the venue and AFTER they got into the room.

Furthermore, every last attendee who remained awake during the presentation was recording that presentation. Sure, most of them were recording it by watching with their eyes, listening with their ears and perhaps taking notes with their hands, rather than by using an electronic instrument, but each attendee came away with some kind of record which they had not agreed to not share with others. The main differences between their records and Garret Ean's record are that Ean's record is 1) far more likely to be objective and accurate and 2) far more easily conveyed to others in its entirety.

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