Friday, February 05, 2016

Oh, Another Thing ...

I meant to ask you to do this when I was recounting the current status of the Garrison Center but forgot.

Would you be interested in helping the Center out at no financial cost and very little cost in time to yourself?

It's really simple. Here are two ways.

STEP ONE: Go visit the Center and read the stuff there.

STEP TWO: See something you like? Use the "share" buttons on the articles to show them to your friends on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. The more readers we have, the more supporters we'll have. Maybe you can't afford to financially support our work, but you probably know someone who can. Tell them about us!

STEP THREE: At the bottom of each op-ed (updated as frequently as I get around to it), you'll find a list of links to the pieces as they appear at other publications. Click on some of those links. Comment on and/or share the articles from their versions at those other publications. You don't have to get crazy about it. A little dab'll do. But newspaper editors notice which content gets read, commented on and shared, and that helps them to decide what to run more of.

Thanks in advance.

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