Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Speaking of the Podcast

At present, The KN@PP Stir Podcast comes in ten app/site/feed flavors. The native Soundcloud upload, of course, plus:

Coming next, Google Play. Yes, for once I am on top of things. Google is getting ready to integrate podcasts into their Google Play Music hangamajigger, but hasn't done it yet (except apparently for a few listeners as part of a beta outing). Nonetheless, I put the Stir through their "podcast portal" submission process, and just got an email:

Your podcast The KN@PP Stir Podcast has been reviewed and approved for publication on Google Play Music. You will be notified when your podcast is available to listeners in Google Play Music.

So hey, I'm getting better at this. Took more than a year to get off my duff and manage inclusion in iTunes, but Google Play I took care of within 24 hours of hearing about it. Hooray for me!

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