Monday, February 22, 2016

#FreeStacy: I've Given Up Schadenfreude for Lent

Otherwise I guess I'd be feeling a bit of that vis a vis Robert Stacy McCain, whose Chief Ego Preservation Officer ("Wombat") banned me from commenting at McCain's site almost 2 1/2 years ago. My offense? Insufficient fervor of genuflection before the altar of whatever Stacy happens to be ranting about at any given moment.

No, I didn't like it much. But the way I see it, if Stacy wants to let some adolescent retard post embarrassingly superficial science fiction reviews on his blog in return for doing some blog housekeeping and making sure nobody disagrees with Stacy, well, hey, it's Stacy's blog.

But yeah, I didn't like it much, and no, I don't like it much that Twitter has now made it a ban-worthy offense to point out that Anita Sarkeesian's entire "career" is based on 1) acting offended in public and 2) calling for the heads of those she blames for offending her.

That sucks. And it also seems like a bad business move.

I just don't see any up-side to giving the feminist version of "Wombat" the same kind of power over 650 million Twitter users that her McCaininite Mini-Me has over a few dozen commenters at a single declining blog.

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