Thursday, February 25, 2016

Medium, Not Particularly Rare

I've noticed over the years that I really am becoming a late adopter of publishing platforms. Even when I created accounts at e.g. Facebook and Twitter, I didn't really start using those accounts for a long time after it became obvious that all the cool kids were there.

So, it's probably not surprising that I'm just now really noticing and using Medium, which has been around for nearly four years. It's not that I objected to it as a platform or anything. It's just that I'm slow and thick and it was only a week or two ago that it finally came to my attention that I was seeing a lot of news stories with something like this in the lede:

[Something interesting about someone famous or not famous]. In a blog post at Medium, [someone famous or not famous] wrote about [something interesting].

So, it's a place to publish stuff and maybe get that stuff noticed by people who would never notice it elsewhere.

I'm in.

So is the Garrison Center.

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