Saturday, February 20, 2016

Here's What People Mean When They Say "In the Tank for Clinton"

As recently as the last week of December, Hillary Clinton polled ahead of Bernie Sanders in Nevada by 23%.

Today, she beat him in the actual caucus by 5.3%.


Hillary Clinton held off a powerful late challenge from rival Sen. Bernie Sanders in Nevada’s Democratic caucus vote Saturday, securing a narrow victory that helps the former secretary of state regain momentum after a crushing defeat in New Hampshire.


Hillary Clinton notched a decisive win in the Nevada Democratic caucuses Saturday that could go a long way to helping her regain her footing on the path to the nomination.


Mrs. Clinton's team breathed a sigh of relief as the results of the often-unpredictable campaign made clear that she had rebounded after her crushing defeat in the New Hampshire primary.

Going from 23% ahead to managing a 5.x% win, and that only with herculean effort, in the space of two months, isn't momentum. It isn't regaining footing. It isn't rebounding. It's escaping the consequences of major suckage by the skin of one's teeth. THAT would be the banner headline in anything resembling objective, rather than "save Hillary Clinton's candidacy at all costs," coverage.

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