Thursday, December 22, 2011

Well, How About That

I thought about blogging yesterday on Ron Paul's walkout on a CNN interview, in which he played the "never read that newsletter stuff, been disavowing it for 20 years" card. Had I done so, it would have simply been to note that he was doing the opposite of disavowing it 15 years ago, and didn't change his story until 10 years ago. So it didn't really seem worth it. Here's that interview:

Leon Wolf over at Red State makes it worth examining in a way that didn't seem the case yesterday -- he pulls up a CSPAN interview from Paul's 1996 congressional run in which Paul specifically references the newsletters not as something a bunch of other people were doing in his name and that he didn't bother to read, but as something he was actively involved in and proud of:

Interestingly, Paul also does a big run-around on why he left Congress in 1985 -- he didn't want to give up medicine, he believed in term limits, didn't think we should have career politicians, had kids in school, etc. The real reason he left Congress is that he was kicked out -- he ran for US Senate and lost the Republican primary.

So, hard evidence that the newsletter thing isn't Paul's first or only swing at 1984-style historical "rectification" to eliminate any history that doesn't include him marching out of his mother's patriotic revolutionary vagina quoting Mises.

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